Daft Badger Brewing is a brewery and restaurant located in midtown Coeur d’ Alene featuring heated outdoor seating in a cozy, quiet setting. We are driven by the joy of good food and good drink shared.

The Beers



We at Daft Badger refer to Darrell Dlouhy as the obligated one. Of the three founders, Darrell is the one that was able to give the dream wings. Darrell owned the property that Daft now inhabits and was able to secure the resources to purchase the brew system and remodel the existing spaces to create what is now Daft Badger Brewing. 

Darrell’s interests include music, cooking, outdoor adventures and travel. He studied religion and sociology in college and pursued graduate studies in religion. During that time he traveled extensively throughout the US with a six piece music group. Unable to make a way for himself in the ministry he found working with his hands extremely satisfying. He owned and operated a successful paint contracting business in the Coeur D Alene area for almost 30 years. 

Darrell is no stranger to hard work and is happy to be committed to it. Excellence is important to him. He has learned that the brew industry requires both of those traits.


Jake Capaul is one of the founding members of Daft Badger Brewing and truthfully the inspiration for our brewery. Jake started brewing many years ago on a home brew system the his father in law (Darrell Dlouhy) gave him as a Christmas present. Along with several other buddies, he began simply in a rather dark and dank, unheated garage. His family’s kitchen was filled with fermenting beer, carboys, bottles of carbonating beers and an ever growing stash of required brewing tools. Good beers were made. The process was fascinating and satisfying to him and his friends. Jake was hooked. He absorbed every bit of information he could about brewing– about the grains, the hops, the yeasts. During these early brewing years, Jake sustained a back injury in his chosen career as a fireman. He had come from a long line of local firefighters and was as proud and devoted as any in his past and present lineage of firemen. His first injury afforded him much time for learning about brewing in the down time. The subsequent injuries revealed to his great sorrow that firefighting would not be in his future. These were hard years for Jake and his family. Jake and Darrell began to dream— to pull hard on all the seams of possibility of opening their own brewery.  As they pushed and pulled the seams gave way and a vision emerged—Daft Badger was born. Jake brings his passion for brewing as well as his significant understanding of the whole process. He breadth of appreciation of all beers is a driving force in our experimenting as we push the limits of our past successful brews. Jake is sustained and supported by his most exceptional wife Katelyn and his wondrous daughter Ava.


Keith is also a founding member of Daft Badger Brewing. He and Darrell worked together for over 20 years in a former business. He was integral in the success of that endeavor as well. As Jake and Darrell began to talk about opening a brewery, Darrell approached Keith about being involved.Keith jumped in.  At that point the dream took on another dimension of possibility because of all the skills Keith brings to the table. Keith can do anything he puts his mind to. He is organized, careful, detailed and unrelenting in his commitment to process. Little did he know, or any of us, how well his skills would translate into the brewery setting. Keith manages the brewery. He is responsible for the production of all our beers, the operation of all our equipment, the immaculate state of our brewhouse. Keith has been a driving force in the creation of several of Daft Badger’s most popular beers—our Golden Ale, our Scotch Ale and our Bourbon Stout as well as many of our weekly experimental beers. There isn’t anything he won’t try. And when he tries something there is great thought and planning behind it. Keith’s family has been more than supportive. His wife Kari, though traveling much for her job, contributes by managing our Instagram page and offering photos for our Facebook page regularly. She also brings us beers for research and development from across the western US— very important!! Keith’s daughter Meghan works at the brewery in a part time capacity doing full time duties such as marketing, merchandising, and point of sales managing. Oh, and if you get a chance, ask Keith about his totally restored ’68 Barracuda.


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